The Garden

Frances Marshall was a talented self taught landscape artist; throughout her life she designed gardens where ever she lived. In 1980, Courtenay and Frances Marshall bought the acre of land behind their home at 625 W San Antonio Street and she designed what would become her last garden. She was ably assisted by Rudy Pardo.
Mrs. Marshall design concept for this garden was a home with rooms surrounding the Live Oak tree representing the center of the house. As you walk through the garden the various beds represent the rooms. Each section of the garden was planted so that each room had a season to shine.
With one exception, Mrs. Marshall would only use plants that were either native or naturalized for the garden. Tulips were and are the exception. As she saw them as a gift as well as an announcement that spring has arrived; the annual display of 4,000 to 6,000 tulips is more spectacular seen from the street than inside the fence. In her honor,
that tradition continues.
The play house is a replica of one found in San Antonio and was built by local carpenter Jim Sheffer assisted by Rudy Pardo who worked for the Marshall’s and continues to be the major caretaker of the garden. The pool/greenhouse was added in 2003 during a complete restoration of the Victorian home.
After Frances Marshall’s death in 1986, Rebecca Hawener, the
Marshall’s daughter, purchased the property from her father. She and Rudy Pardo have tried to maintain Mrs. Marshall original concept and design as much as possible.
Please enjoy the garden and for safety reasons, you are asked to not enter areas that have been blocked off. The Bulldogs’ names are Monica and Luke.
The restrooms are found in the pool/greenhouse.

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