J. S. Foote

J.S. Foote is an attorney living in Austin who has worked as an editor for Family Life magazine. After a stint working in New York and Washington D. C. she returned to Austin, her real home and a wonderful place in her heart. Austin Women lists The Heart of Annie as one of their must reads in the October 2014 edition.


The Heart of Annie is a contemporary classic love story not to be confused with the traditional romance novel. The book chronicles the stories of Lily Roche, in her late 30’s and Curtis Walker, in his 40’s. According to the author she wanted “to appeal to intelligent women who were looking to escape into a fun but touching novel with Austin and a backdrop.” She succeeded.


“Walk through the backdrop of the Texas State Capital with Foote, as Lilly and Curtis learn to love each other and themselves”

Austin Woman Keri Heath


‘…the novel is heartfelt and engaging thank to Foote’ clear-eyed prose and obvious affection she has for her characters…the warmth of feeling towards its characters make it an overall satisfying read.”

Kirkus Review

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