David Marion Wilkinson

David Marion Wilkinson is an award winning authors and screenwriter. Not Between Brothers received and “Editor’s Choice” from the Review of Texas Books; the Violet Crown Award. He worked on the adaption of his book for a mini-series, which won an Emmy. He was born in Arkansas but has lived in Texas since 1972, currently living in Austin. Wilkinson has a deep understanding of Texas history and his writings reflect his depth and breadth of knowledge.


Where The Mountains Are Thieves follows the story of Jesse Reverchon; middle -aged author, and his family. The family moves from Houston, Texas to the Big Ben Valley on West Texas where he is intent on repairing a marriage and become closer with his son. Through his journey to reconnect with his family and restart his writing career he has ups and downs with heartwarming moments, humor, and a retrench to self-destructive habits.


“Atmospheric and absorbing…the climax packs a wallop and the emotional aftermath rings surprisingly true… A satisfying illuminating read.”


Publishers Weekly

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